A Lesbian Crone’s Manifesto

I am a Woman. I am a Lesbian. I love women..all sizes…all shapes…all ages.

I love to trace the soft skin of her check, nibble on the spot where neck meets shoulder… the soft, subtle curve of a breast hidden by summer’s thin cloth… the deep, heavy wetness of a mother’s breast. I love to run my hands down her sides till they rest on the swell of her hips … to lay my palms on the sensitive MaizeCoverspot over her ovary where the pelvic bone begins to curve to protect the womb … her soft inner thigh.

I especially love Butches…their broad shoulders, strong hands, muscled thighs, straight backs. I honor these women who were our vanguard, who stood in front of many of us ignoring the mocking stares, absorbing the angry words and punches.

We stood behind them, not cowering but perhaps with just a bit less courage. They were our warriors.

And now every time a young butch transitions from her own strength and power, our sisterhood is diminished. We should encircle these young women and hold them in our warmth until they are strong.

And I also love the wary looks of my sisters for I know that they have survived a girlhood wrecked by violence and abuse, but I revel in the hopeful glances of women whose girlhoods were filled with love and respect…they are so few.

At 62 I am to old to be deceived by men in dresses or transwomen. As a crone, I am no longer distracted by their angry accusations. I know who and what I am. I am a Woman. I am a Lesbian. No one will silence my voice. No one will silence the love in my heart for my sisters. I am a Lesbian.

– Ann E. Foland
Bandon, Oregon

Coming soon: Meghan Murphy reminds us to get personal.

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