Please, if You Love Lesbians and Other Females, Think About This….

By Bev Jo

1. Do you know about the increasing demand to accept men as Lesbians, thereby supporting men in invading our last female only space, driving away women who do not feel safe with them there — women who are perhaps alone and isolated and needing safe women’s community?

2. If you feel angry or upset at being asked this, or unable to think clearly for fear that you are being “transphobic” or “politically incorrect,” can you consider that you are being subjected to cult rules which forbid independent thinking and feeling?

3. Did you know that 80% of the men who claim to be women have had no surgery and are quite capable of raping women, and that the numbers of women raped by these men are increasing?

4. Are you aware that many of these men refer to their “lady penises” or “six inch clitorises?”

5. Did you know that most of these men are obsessed with “Lesbian” porn, made by men, for men?

6. Did you know that 90% of men claiming to be women are “autogynephilic”– meaning they are “aroused” by wearing the exposing clothes, makeup, high heels, etc. that men demand women wear, and many of them masturbate while wearing “women’s” clothing? (Real women do not do this.)

7. Do you know that many of these men demand Lesbians have sex with them and call those of us who refuse “transphobic”? Do you agree with this? If not, and if you are outraged and concerned, do you feel pressured to ignore your reasonable feelings?

8. Since when have Lesbians accused other Lesbians of being “bigots” or “phobic” for daring to say no to men?” Have you considered for a moment — beyond the name-calling and guilt-tripping — that these ARE men who have found a clever way to get access to Lesbians?

9. Do you know that most women who have publicly tried to defend women only space get rape, mutilation, and death threats from these men? Yet we who have tried to protect our Lesbian communities (some of us for more than 40 years) are being asked to pay reparations on behalf of these men, in spite of the fact that they have threatened us and that men make far more money than most Lesbians could ever hope to have.

10. Did you know that many of these men have previously stalked and assaulted women?

11. Do you know that men appropriating female identity are more violent than other men and are changing the statistics on violence by “women?” Why are Lesbians being asked to be outraged on behalf of the violence that men aim at men claiming to be women, ignoring that those same men are threatening and attacking women? Asking women to be especially concerned about male-on-male violence ignores that women are the primary victims of male violence.

12. Have you witnessed any of these men touching, grabbing, making obscene comments or otherwise doing things to Lesbians against our will, yet felt pressured to ignore those assaults?

13. Do you realize that the “transgender” phenomenon has become big business for psychologists, surgeons, drug companies, etc., and that an increasing number of young children who are not happy with being forced into roles that patriarchy demands children obey (whether it’s little girls being forced into dresses and painful shoes, or little boys forced to fit male roles) are being considered “transgender” and started on irrevocable and dangerous hormones and even surgery before puberty?

14. Do you know that “sex change” surgery and hormones do not begin to approximate a female body or mind or spirit? Aren’t women far more than castrated men?

15. Do you know that many of the men claiming to be women also claim to be better women than us, and that they refer to us, and demand we identify ourselves with, yet one more “c” word: “cis?”

16. Do you know that adult men claiming to be women have won the right to expose themselves in school girls’ locker rooms and to play on girls’ sports teams?

17. Do you know that some men who have killed women are demanding that the government pay for their “sex change” and transfer them to women’s prisons?

18. We are told that “transgender” politics are progressive, yet they are in actuality right wing, enforcing gender roles that harm girls and women. In fundamentalist Iran, Lesbians and Gay men are executed, but the government pays for “sex changes.”

19. If you feel that no one has the right to tell someone they cannot be who they feel they are, do you agree with the able-bodied man who claims to be a “trans-paraplegic Lesbian?” (This man’s story is classic “trans” cult, including fondling his disabled aunt’s leg braces as a boy.) He goes to his local Dyke March in a wheelchair with a sign saying “Differently-Abled Dyke,” and makes his wheelchair fall over to get attention. He has no intention of truly becoming paraplegic, just as most “transwomen” have no intention of getting surgery.

20. Does believing that people have the right to identify however they want include white men appropriating the identity of people oppressed by racism? (Some of the completely European-descent men identifying as “transwomen” also say they are “trans-racial,” and have tried to get into positions of power in those communities they oppress, just as they have taken over many Lesbian/women’s organizations, including women’s studies classes.)

21. If you are outraged at the idea of “trans-racial” and “trans-disabled” identity appropriation, why would you accept that this should be done to Lesbians and other women?

22. Would you agree that people who have surgery to resemble cats or reptiles should be accepted as those animals? Trans politics and ideology say that you should.

23. Some women claim that these extremes are rare, mentally ill men who are not at all representative of real “transwomen.” Yet if you read any men posing as women online, you will see how they obviously have no idea what a real Lesbian or woman is. If you ever say no to these men, you will quickly find out how very male they are.

24. Why do the lives of Lesbians count for so little that men can claim to be us and then proceed to re-write our Lesbian history, get into power positions in our beleaguered Lesbian communities, and destroy what little we have left? Why do women feel flattered by or protective of these men instead of being protective of the Lesbians and women they are harming?

25. Do you realize that if you support these men to destroy our last female only spaces, you are simply supporting men against women?


See my blog for links that explain more:

Kathy Fire, Mother Rage

Coming Soon: Julia Long gives a mighty roar for women’s spaces.

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  1. I did not know most of this. I thought as disturbing that being a real woman according to was defined as using make up, unpractical and painful clothes and shoes. All the progress done since the 50’s gone to accommodate males who want to “feel” female.


  2. I am a straight widow (it was worth it – he was lovely) and I am appalled by the bullying and misogyny of transactivists.both online and in RL. I feel a great sense of sisterhood and sympathy for lesbians being pressured to consider male bodied “women” as sexual partners. It seems the LGBT rainbow has done lesbians little service.

    No one as the right to change facts, and no one can change sex. After some thought, I prefer the word “transwoman” rather than two words “trans women”. “Trans” isn’t an adjective to describe a particular sort of woman – like “tall” or “Italian” because transwomen aren’t women. They are a class of their own: female impersonators rather than females. I know one in RL – classic autogynephile – but I wouldn’t challenge him. I call him by the name he’s chosen because I don’t want to be rude but that doesn’t mean I think he’s a woman.

    I read a long thread yesterday in which several impressively polite lesbians were being dragged into explaining – again and again – to a transwoman poster that he wasn’t a lesbian, but a straight male. He kept on insisting that because he identified as a woman he was therefore a potential partner for lesbians, and that they were being mean to him by refusing to agree. The very fact that he thought his male body could convince/attract a lesbian tells me how lacking in respect for women and their female characteristics he was. He seemed to think presenting as a woman was good enough.

    I was disgusted by his insensitivity, his narcissism and his sense of entitlement. Why is, do you think, that transwomen present the very worst of masculine arrogance? OK, I’ve been lucky in the men in my life, but there aren’t that many blokes around now who have as little respect for women as this guy and other transwomen I’ve come across online. I tend to browse and then tell my adult kids things they may find interesting at dinner time. Both my sons were somewhat astonished by the whole cotton ceiling concept. They may be men but they thought the idea that men could transition and then hassle lesbians for sexual access was totally ludicrous. They said lesbians should just laugh at them.

    Like I say, the lesbians on this thread were very polite to this nasty man. If this happened to me I think I might be very rude indeed.


    • Nobody owes anybody dates and nobody owes anybody explanations for turning them down. Anyone who says otherwise is guilty of sexual harassment. Men often turn down straight women for a wide variety of merely physical qualities that are quite a bit more superficial than biological sex. Why should all women not have the right to do so as well?

      However, a woman who chooses to date one of these men is not a lesbian. Men do not get to define “lesbian” and neither do women who date them.

      Also, men have been trying to con women by claiming to be lesbians trapped in men’s bodies since well before transgenderism became popular.


      • “Also, men have been trying to con women by claiming to be lesbians trapped in men’s bodies since well before transgenderism became popular.”

        That made me laugh. It’s nearly as dumb as my husband’s old chat up line “I’m only an amateur gynaecologist but I’d be happy to have a look if you’d like me to…” He told me it worked a surprising number of times, but then he was one of those gentle, humorous men who women tend to like anyway. A very safe guy.

        I wonder whether feminists are missing a trick in not getting supportive het men onside with this. I’ve raised the issue with a couple (apart from my sons), and they entirely sympathise. Men are very sense-driven sex-wise. Many of them know exactly how powerful the sight or scent of a woman can be. They therefore have absolutely no problem in understanding why lesbians aren’t sexually attracted to self-described trans lesbians. Wrong smell, wrong taste, wrong everything. Yuck.

        When I talk about het male support, I do *not* mean right wing or religious types, but the kind of liberal, pro-feminist men I know.

        I know for a lot of lesbians (and for all separatists) all men are the enemy or at least highly suspicious. But nice guys do exist and they’re likely to be quite vigorously supportive of lesbians on this matter. I’ve not led a charmed life, I’ve been raped and battered. But my life experience has also shown me men who genuinely like and respect women.

        I don’t think more than 1 in 10,000 straight men is even aware of this issue. We should maybe make them so. I’ve read that gay men haven’t been supportive, but I suspect the husband/father types might be more motivated. Ironically it might be that when men speak up about this bullying (due to the higher profile of every damn thing men say) that the world in general starts to listen a bit more. Because it seems the lesbian community is very isolated right now.

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