You Will Always be in my Heart

one woman province

I am not sure where to even start on a post about my journey last week to the 40th Michigan Women’s Music Festival. I had signed up to support WoLF (Women’s Liberation Front) in hosting an intrafest event called Radfem Rhapsody within Michfest as a space for exchange of radical feminist ideas and strategy. Eight of us traveled in two vans from the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest caravaning from our meetup at the Colorado/Nebraska line with a large meeting canopy and a small kitchen. We were in line by Monday morning but didin’t get unloaded off the shuttle until dark. The next morning, much to most everyone’s protest, a new camp was chosen and we spent Tuesday morning moving our gear once again then finally getting the Radfem Rhapsody camp up and running, triumphantly cooking chesseburgers by dusk. After a 48 hour journey we had arrived.

I really…

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