Service Announcement

After the wondrous posts of our MichFest concurrent deal here, we are not getting inundated with new material, about which I am not shocked, that being quite a bit of work, what with writing an excellent essay and for no money.

Rainbow over Stanley Park

Photo credit: Ed Park

Sorry about that. You all completely rock, you women who did this for us.

I don’t want to post filler. I don’t want to post stuff a bunch of women I know have just posted. I don’t want to bring down the quality of this publication by cluttering up your feeds and inboxes thusly, dear readers.

I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot every day all week. I’m practicing. I’m finding neat stuff. I’m thinking about how to put it together in a way that is helpful and appealing.

And I could use some help.

It’s a lot of work doing a frequent news roundup. There are women who do this. I don’t want to repeat their work. I want to dig further and find yet another angle.

Stop Trans Chauvinism does excellent work reblogging other WordPress users along gender themes. Many thanks.

Cathy Brennan runs Gender Identity Watch, and GenderTrender and 4th Wave now and Autogynephilia Truth all are also working splendidly to do excellent work about gender law and exposing its failings. Much kudos, many thanks.

“What’s Current” on Feminist Current is a kind of news roundup, and I thank Susan Cox and others for these links.

But it’s a lot of work to dig for material that isn’t already all over Facebook and WordPress. Especially if you have other commitments.

So I’m up for writing submissions and also suggestions about how to make this blog original. My thoughts are currently to just dig, dig, dig, and also to not worry about linked pieces being current. There are also a lot of great forgotten feminist work out there online, and I’m looking at those too, am getting some help here!

Postscript: is there any way to search Blogger for stuff? I can tag search WordPress but I am at a loss to figure out Blogger.





  1. Disclosure: Ed Park is my stepfather, he lives with my mother, they are both great artists and are good with their lives together, all things considered, and I am very happy that they found each other. They have been together since the early 1990’s or so. I did not grow up with Ed in my childhood house, but if only I had.


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