The “Equality Act” Hurts Women

stop trans chauvinism


The “Equality Act” Hurts Women

Numerous members of Congress have been misled by good intentions into believing that treating gender identity as identical to biological sex is an advance in civil rights. This is false.

The unintended consequences of the “Equality Act” [1] could take away women’s rights to …

  • request female staff to provide medical services or security pat downs;
  • to expect female-only staff and guests at any rape or domestic violence shelters [2];
  • or to seek legislative or judicial redress for sex discrimination.

In violation of two different United Nations human rights standards, the “Equality Act” would …

  • write sex stereotyping into law as a protected definition of legal sex;
  • and likely eliminate women’s rights to be incarcerated separately from biological males in the event of an arrest or conviction.

Further, the “Equality Act” contains no provisions that would protect against …

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