Amnesty Action

No Amnesty

Amnesty Action is a coalition of women’s group and individuals opposed to Amnesty International’s policy of full decriminalisation of the sex industry. We call on Amnesty International to support the human rights of prostituted women and girls, not to smooth the way for abusive pimps and johns to trade women’s bodies as commodities.

We prioritise the rights of those women and girls over the choices of those who pay to have sex with them. We are in favour of the Nordic model, which is a set of laws and policies penalizes the demand for commercial sex while decriminalizing individuals in prostitution and providing them with support services, including help for those who wish to exit prostitution.

The Nordic model has two main goals: to curb the demand for commercial sex that fuels sex trafficking, and promote equality between men and women.

We’re collecting statements by women and human rights organisations, news articles, subversive art and blogs in any language to add to our website! You can submit through the form below. Please tell us if you own the copyright to the blog/ article and if we can republish it in its entirety.

Please join us on October 23 for the No Amnesty Global Day of Online Action sharing blogs, news articles, testimonies and subversive art raising awareness of Amnesty’s decision to support the rights of pimps, managers, and traffickers over the safety of women and children!

You can follow us on twitter: @NoAmnesty4Women


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