Clever Johns: Women Created Marriage and A Bloke Read “Lysistrata”!


Oh SMELL the entitlement of men who buy women. Here are  just two of the vile comments one can find  from just one of any publication or platform, where the idea that paid rape may be a bad thing is discussed. These gems come from The New York Times.( I imagine most men are not writing as eloquently on public restroom walls- but I could be wrong.)

These two are only slightly  different from the lazier insults; “Fuck ya cunts whores. Suck my dick!”, “Youse are just too ugly to fuck!”, the ever bizarre false equivalent “Sex is natural and healthy. Men need affection too!”  (I never understand that one. I thought men liked to live on gruel in a cupboard under some stairs), and the ever inspired accusations of “pearl-clutching”,  which feminists who believe women are human cop on a minute by minute basis. (We never get tired of…

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