Womb Woman!


Dateline Auckland- Transactivists in Vulva Cupcake Spat!  This is not the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing. Some transactivists go snakey about women’s reproductive organs. They are BANNED! Apparently even mentioning of vulvas, vaginas, uteruses or periods does irreparable harm to “trans women”. More harm apparently than decades of ingesting gobs of heart attack and cancer-causing estrogen. I first made this cartoon a couple months ago. But right on schedule another one of these Organ Spats blew up. One of the weirdest things about this is the cupcakes being objected to had vulvas on them. That’s the external genitals, the flappy bits. And featuring the🌟Clitoris!🌟

But don’t the trans women, the ones who go 70s style transsexual vs the bullshit 21st-century ‘parttime women’ crap, have vulvas? That’s what the genital surgery is supposedly making, right? So what’s the problem with vulvas? Anyway:



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