Only Bad Girls Call In The Law

“A recent lawsuit filed by a Baltimore lesbian-feminist against a San Francisco lesbian-feminist, two high-profile heterosexual underage sex cases, and the raid on the male escort advertising website by Federal Homeland Security agents and the NYPD has gotten us thinking about the use of state power to address community grievances and enforce moralistic sex codes. It’s our belief that sexual minority peoples and communities should be extremely suspicious of state power.

In August, Baltimore lesbian-feminist Cathy Brennan filed suit against San Francisco lesbian-feminist Joey Stevenson and a company that owns a website geared to lesbian and bisexual women, alleging defamation. (See Article in Baltimore OUTloud, September 4, 2015 issue.) Brennan is a prominent and controversial lesbian-feminist who opposes gender-identity protections that she fears come at the expense of women and girls. She claims in her lawsuit that Stevenson and the website criticized her positions on gender issues in a defamatory way. Brennan is seeking at least $70,000 in damages and an injunction. Stevenson and the website denied the allegations.”

“The use of the courts to address a dispute among individuals may not appear to be in anyway connected with the collective enforcement by “The People” of the criminal laws with the devastating effects prosecutions can have on all who are caught up in them. But it is when our communities look unquestionably and uncritically to the state as an ally, that we find troubling. We certainly understand that not all laws are bad, that some such as anti-discrimination laws protect us, but we should not look to the government for solutions. Before we go off dancing with the state, we should realize that it could be a very bad date indeed!”


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Todd Evans, President and CEO:

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