International Women's Alliance

“Women continue to fight and die at the forefront of the war against ISIS and in defense of their people, women struggle and die in communities during airstrikes, women die condemning the heightened violence and women die in peace rallies”  said International Women’s Alliance (IWA)  Chairperson Liza Maza  as she called on  the member organizations of IWA to condemn in the strongest way possible the horrible attack against  a massive peace rally of Kurdish peoples and members of mass organizations and political parties in Ankara, Turkey on October 10.  At the funeral march, thousands gathered to pay their respects and voice their indignation, fuming mad at the lack of government efforts to protect the peace rally.

With women on the front lines, the Kurdish people are waging a difficult and heroic struggle for national self-determination and social liberation in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.  The civil war in Syria, the…

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