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Old women’s bodies: On Germaine Greer, ageism and misogyny

– “I survived prostitution by killing all my emotions, painted on the happy hooker smile, learned to fake orgasms.”

Rebecca Mott‘s Speech at Feminism in London’s Conference 2015


“It is great to be speaking here. I am amazed at the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating this event.

I was up and down about being here. This is I find too much of modern feminism is liberal, and speak to the anti-abolitionist language. But I am proud to be here – for this conference has made a strong stance for the Nordic Approach, and made it clear this is not a debate with the sex work lobby.

I speak a radical exited woman who cannot debate when I see and know of a constant genocide of the prostituted class being made normal. This is a genocide that is made invisible by the sex trade profiteers who will replace the dead or discarded prostituted by yet more vulnerable women and girls.

The reason I fight so…

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Two headlines trending on my Facebook on the same day

Dead Wild Roses

This shit is all linked, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  I have no words.

 Highway of Tears email deletion referred to RCMP by B.C. privacy watchdog

Women, mainly Aboriginal, go missing, and government emails about it get not just deleted, but deliberately deleted from backups.

Eight Quebec police officers suspended in wake of sexual-assault allegations on aboriginal women: Thériault

Quebec provincial police are alleged to have been sexually abusing Aboriginal women, going back years.

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Radical Feminism and Motherhood (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/25/15)

“Once in awhile, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox uniquely reflects the life and interests of Cindy Sheehan.

This week, we welcome midwife and radical feminist MaryLou Singleton to talk about how “political correctness” is robbing motherhood of its inherent language and meaning.

Cindy gave birth to her children at home with midwives in attendance and her strong motherhood is the very thing that gave her the strength and power to confront George Bush in the first place and to continue her battle against the Empire even to this day.”

Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, interview here.


International Women's Alliance

“Women continue to fight and die at the forefront of the war against ISIS and in defense of their people, women struggle and die in communities during airstrikes, women die condemning the heightened violence and women die in peace rallies”  said International Women’s Alliance (IWA)  Chairperson Liza Maza  as she called on  the member organizations of IWA to condemn in the strongest way possible the horrible attack against  a massive peace rally of Kurdish peoples and members of mass organizations and political parties in Ankara, Turkey on October 10.  At the funeral march, thousands gathered to pay their respects and voice their indignation, fuming mad at the lack of government efforts to protect the peace rally.

With women on the front lines, the Kurdish people are waging a difficult and heroic struggle for national self-determination and social liberation in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.  The civil war in Syria, the…

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Lesbians in the News – 24 October 2015

Listening to Lesbians

Lesbians in the News 24 October 2015

“Lethal threat for the whole of humankind” – ongoing persecution in Russia

anti-gay propaganda

News for Russian lesbians gets grimmer as new legislation flags the possibility of being fined or arrested for merely coming out on the grounds of homosexuality posing a “lethal threat for the whole of humankind”.  The legislation is matched by public opinion reportedly showing an increase in the percentage of the population who believe that lesbians and gay men should be “isolated from the population”, with one fifth purportedly supporting the “liquidation” of the LGBTI  community. Following previous anti lesbian and gay crackdowns, including the banning of “anti gay propaganda” in 2013, the proposed legislation would fine Russian lesbians and gay men for publicly declaring their sexuality, with proposed incarceration for making the “declaration” in a school, cultural institution or public building.
The situation for lesbians in many parts of the…

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Only Bad Girls Call In The Law

“A recent lawsuit filed by a Baltimore lesbian-feminist against a San Francisco lesbian-feminist, two high-profile heterosexual underage sex cases, and the raid on the male escort advertising website Rentboys.com by Federal Homeland Security agents and the NYPD has gotten us thinking about the use of state power to address community grievances and enforce moralistic sex codes. It’s our belief that sexual minority peoples and communities should be extremely suspicious of state power.

In August, Baltimore lesbian-feminist Cathy Brennan filed suit against San Francisco lesbian-feminist Joey Stevenson and a company that owns a website geared to lesbian and bisexual women, alleging defamation. (See Article in Baltimore OUTloud, September 4, 2015 issue.) Brennan is a prominent and controversial lesbian-feminist who opposes gender-identity protections that she fears come at the expense of women and girls. She claims in her lawsuit that Stevenson and the website criticized her positions on gender issues in a defamatory way. Brennan is seeking at least $70,000 in damages and an injunction. Stevenson and the website denied the allegations.”

“The use of the courts to address a dispute among individuals may not appear to be in anyway connected with the collective enforcement by “The People” of the criminal laws with the devastating effects prosecutions can have on all who are caught up in them. But it is when our communities look unquestionably and uncritically to the state as an ally, that we find troubling. We certainly understand that not all laws are bad, that some such as anti-discrimination laws protect us, but we should not look to the government for solutions. Before we go off dancing with the state, we should realize that it could be a very bad date indeed!”



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The Women’s Revolution is Here – Part 10 – Radical Feminism

The article linked to below is called “The Women’s Revolution is Here – Part 10 – Radical Feminism”. The entire series, which is currently a work in progress, may be read at http://feminismxx.blogspot.com. The series is what the writer, Vliet Tiptree, calls her “feminist theory of everything” and attempts to advance radical feminist theory to include anthropological and evolutionary discoveries. As the series progresses she plans to propose a theory of the origins of male domination, women’s resistance, and the unstoppability of what she calls the current women’s revolution.

Vliet wrote “Radical Feminism Enters the 21st Century” in 2011 for RadFem Hub. (https://radicalhubarchives.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/radical-feminism-in-the-21st-century/)

To be added to the email notification list radfems are invited to write soundsgreatrealgreat@hotmail.co.uk.

Read it Here: Part 10 – Radical Feminism is at http://feminismxx.blogspot.com/2015/10/10-radical-feminism-draft-102115.html and comments are welcome.

Becoming a lesbian, part one