Petition: Drop the T

We are a group of gay/bisexual men and women who have come to the conclusion that the transgender community needs to be disassociated from the larger LGB community; in essence, we ask that organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, Lambda Legal and media outlets such as The Advocate, Out, Huff Post Gay Voices, etc., stop representing the transgender community as we feel their ideology is not only completely different from that promoted by the LGB community (LGB is about sexual orientation, trans is about gender identity), but is ultimately regressive and actually hostile to the goals of women and gay men.

There are several areas in which the ideology of the trans community is at odds with or actively hostile to that of women and gay men; among the most important are:

• The vilification and harassment of women and gay/lesbian individuals who openly express disagreement with the trans ideology; a simple disagreement over an issue can result in responses that range from insults (“transphobic bigot”) to threats of physical harm (often, in the case of women, rape) and even death; the harassment by the transgender community of prominent individuals ranging from iconic gay rights activist/drag queen RuPaul and legendary feminist Germaine Greer has been particularly loathsome.

• The infringement of the rights of individuals, particularly women, to perform normal everyday activities in traditional safe spaces based on sex; this is most pernicious in the case of men claiming to be transgender demanding access to bathrooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters and other such spaces reserved for women.

• The appropriation and re-writing of gay and lesbian history and culture, most notably attempting to re-cast the majority gay white men who participated in the Stonewall riots as transgender, specifically casting as “transgender” men who adopted feminine attire but still identified as men (they called themselves transvestites, which is not the same as the modern transgender identity); particularly frustrating was the fact that media outlets such as The Advocate, Out and Huff Post Gay Voices, who should have been the first to point out the fallacy of this notion, actually went along with the lie.

• Most troubling, the transgender promotion of the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children by persuading parents and health professionals to diagnose children as young as four as transgender, despite considerable research that shows that more than 90% of children who express “gender dysphoria” at a young age grow out of it by adolescence and, in most cases, grow up to be well-adjusted gay men and women; ideologically, it runs counter to traditional LGB and feminist philosophy – whereas feminists and gay men/women advocate for expanding and re-defining gender concepts, the trans movement is regressive, insisting upon re-asserting and codifying classic gender concepts of what is masculine and what is feminine.

Please note that we are not advocating intolerance or prejudice against the transgender community: we recognize and respect the right of adults to determine their own path in life, including transitioning to the opposite gender if they so wish. However, that cannot occur by infringing upon the rights of women, gay men and children.

At the very least, a discussion must be opened up to these issues, which for too long are being suppressed and censored – they are genuine concerns that need to be aired. In the end, we feel that the transgender ideology is not compatible with the rights of women, gay men and children and ask that the organizations and media outlets mentioned above disassociate themselves from the transgender movement and return to representing their base support of gay men and lesbians.

Petition may be signed here.



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  3. “At the very least, a discussion must be opened up to these issues, which for too long are being suppressed and censored” – we are actually having this discussion. I do not support this petition at all.


    • The media groups targeted by the petition, HRC, GLAAD, Lambda Legal, The Advocate, Out magazine, and HuffPost Gay Voices, are most definitely NOT having this discussion.


      • I am pretty aware of that. This petition did nothing to advance women’s rights. I am embarrassed that so many women supported it.


      • I respectfully disagree with Cathy, and am quite proud of the women who not only signed this petition, but participated in its development. Right now, contributions to gay and lesbian groups are being disproportionately funneled to T issues. The reason HERO failed in Houston was because of the bathroom issue, which the masses erroneously believe that all gays and lesbians support — because we are “LGBT.” Criticism of T ideology is scrubbed from Gay & Lesbian Media, and the petitioners wanted their voices heard. Women’s rights are addressed in the petition, from defending Germaine Greer to our right to not have biological males in our spaces. The petition also brings attention to the fact that children as young as four, including tomboys, are being encouraged to “trans” rather than be gay or lesbian. I support unity between Gays & Lesbians, and dropping the T.


  4. Cathy: you are telling us how you feel about this, but you have not explained just what bothers you so much about this petition. I interpreted it as protesting association with a civil rights movement that has such a predilection for countenancing illegal and transgressive behaviors including ones that are violations of women’s rights. This failure to clean house is likely to result in broadspread backlash, and much of the public conflates LGB with T, and the popularity of the acronym LGBT reinforces this. While I surely don’t think we should take to sticking it to transsexuals and GNC people, I also don’t think women (or anyone) should be held hostage to bad actors either.


  5. For those of you who hate to be discriminated against, I say shame on you to exclude trans gendered people, like you are better, no matter how you make the discussion. Trans gendered people need more support as it is more of a problem for people to deal with than the LGB part of the discussion. Let’s just toss them away and forget they exist. Everyone has the right to be who they are. Plus the “especially to women” wording is a part of understanding, but that doesn’t give if any excuse as to what you are proposing. Nowadays we are growing up into a society where eyes are more open to what is happening with our children, and as they grow they will find their own identities, with or without the aid of there parents. I don’t to sound hateful either, being a gay man, but if we don’t support each other, we will only be hurting ourselves. This endeavor does have the taste of intolerance & that is a road that we have gone down before with our rights. LGBT belongs together, we need each other.


    • The inability of genderists to clear their ranks of men who harass lesbians and call it hate speech to say “no” to sex is not anything we need. The absolute refusal of genderists to consider that women have rights that genderist ideology conflicts with is nothing we need. Men who tell lesbians they know what we need better than we do is nothing we need.

      The idea that homosexuals and genderists have anything in common is based more on muddled ideas about gender and homosexuality than it is on anything real. Genderists do very little to promote homosexual rights and have been piggybacking on the gains made by homosexual activists in the past.

      The petition is an effort to point out that the situation is far from symbiotic and that genderism is not something we want to be associated with. Freedom of gender presentation and freedom from persecution, hell yes. Freedom to invade women’s spaces and countenancing of predatory behaviors, no. Just no.


    • And that doesn’t even begin to address grooming children into medical transitioning, sometimes from very young ages. The backlash is already beginning.



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