UK pediatric transition referrals DOUBLE in SIX months, girls far outnumber boys, most under 10 years old


Scanning through my Twitter feed this morning, I nearly scrolled past this little news item tweeted by the Guardian:

According to a freedom of information response obtained by the Guardian, the number of children referred to the Tavistock has jumped from 314 referrals in 2012-13 to 697 referrals in 2014-15.In the last six months the service has seen a further increase in referrals with 634 children referred between April and September.

Children? LITTLE children:

Many of the referrals – 151 from 2012-13 to 2014-15 – relate to children under the age of 10, including one three-year-old and 12 four-year-olds.

Yesterday, I posted about a very recent research survey conducted by members of the Dutch team of clinicians who pioneered pediatric medical transition. They found that, worldwide, there is a growing sense of unease amongst clinicians working in child gender clinics. It is widely acknowledged that there is no long-term…

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  1. Susan Smyth says:

    Do we need sex selective abortion or female infanticide when little girls can transition?


    • It’s hard to tell from the outside how much of this is parentally driven and how much culturally driven. I never wanted to be a girl, specifically because I was repelled by what was culturally presented to me as “female,” but there was some of that going on inside my family too. It was less a matter of feeling I would be liked better if I was a boy than feeling I would not be liked in such a sexually heavy-handed matter.

      However girls “transitioning” to “boys” gets in the way of all that carrying on the family name routine. I don’t know what happens to these people in countries such as Iran, but I suspect the girls do not carry the same status as actual boys and men, though the boys may carry the same status as girls, all being seen as defective.

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      • Susan Smyth says:

        Lucky for me, coming of age in the seventies in Quebec meant that most teenagers, girls and boys, had long hair and wore flannel shirts with work boots. As a young girl I wore boys’ hand me downs that were made in England. That shit never wore out, my English mum was happy about that. Mary Lou Singleton has expressed the current obsession/cult of gender so well. The stakes are higher and gender is indelibly codified. I am so troubled by how transitioning is harming girls and women.


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