GLAAD Responds to Drop the T


Note the complete failure to address any of the points in the petition. Way to go, dudes.



  1. This is such bullshit! The trans work AGAINST gay and lesbian rights!

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  2. petuniacat00 says:

    What asshats. Totally unwilling to stop and rethink their position. This is knee-jerk ‘if you disagree with me you are wrong and therefore a bigot’. People who cry bigot when someone disagrees with them are not the best people to be representing an embattled minority. They throw away the goodwill of the broader society. And fulfill the right wing stereotype of lefties/progressive’s throwing the word bigot around dishonestly.

    And didn’t the petition say in effect ‘transgender is just really super different from gay and we gay people should just do our own politics’. It didn’t say ‘trans is like really super bad and evil’. Did it?

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    • Well, yes. The point of the petition is to call out the assumption that gender and sexual orientation have some sort of innate affinity. Even transgender rights organizations acknowledge that these are not the same thing, but they have been using LGB rights organizations to get legal traction, and they are not going to like the idea that they might expected to run their own show.

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      • petuniacat00 says:

        Exactly! I am so please this is happening. The trans activists run away from gayness and sexual orientation when that suits them. But then continue to ride on the coattails of the gay rights movement. I just shake my head. I guess lesbians and gay men have had so much nothing for so long that they’re taken by surprise when somebody actually comes and tries to take their stuff. Zounds. More uppity women needed.


  3. I personally identify as Bi & have for many years. I do not see the Trans ideology having anything to do with my life or my sexually or gender affiliation. I see them as a bunch of people playing dress-up.

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  4. helloanonme says:

    ‘The Cotton Ceiling’ is a trans-theory that is being put into practice. It is a manual to be used on lesbian and bisexual women with cotton referring to panties. This is organised corrective rape ffs! They can refuse to drop the T but lesbians and bisexual women have already dropped the T. Women have organised and created over and over, so we do it again. F the T!


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