Petition: Get the L Out of LGBT


Lambda Legal
HRC, GLAAD, NCLR, Lambda Legal, the Advocate, Huffpo Gay Voices
We are getting the L out of the LGBT

We represent Lesbians who demand that the petitioned drop the L from their organisation names, and drop the L when reporting about any LGBT issues not directly related to lesbians since they do not represent our interests. The petitioned did not heed a petition to drop the T, leaving us with no choice but to remove the L from the LGBT.

The addition of T to the LGBT has resulted in Lesbians being silenced and threatened, all women and girls to be at risk for our safety, and our interests to take a backseat to those of transgenderist males who co-opt our name and culture.

The mission statements and resource allocation of LGBT orgs not only prioritize T but actively discriminate against L interests.

LGBT orgs and publications slur Lesbians with “TERF” and “cis”, and attempt to silence us with accusations of “transphobia” when we point out that T demands conflict with our demands for safety.

LGBT orgs and publications condone the destruction of lesbian culture and heritage by silencing women who want to keep Dyke Marches and other lesbian events as lesbian-only.

LGBT orgs and publications condone corrective rape against Lesbians through their non-condemnation of “the cotton ceiling” and rape- and death threats by T against Lesbians on social media.

LGBT orgs and publications condone medial anti-gay “conversion therapy” through their non-condemnation of the transgendering of children.

T demands for access to women’s safe spaces puts ALL women and girls at risk since there is no objective way of assessing who is “genuinely transgender” or not.

Petition may be signed here.


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