Makeup is so much bullshit

Dead Wild Roses

I (almost) never wear makeup to work.  A whole lot of it is that I simply can’t be arsed, but it’s also a specifically political decision: men don’t have to, so why should I. I recognize that, as a knowledge worker who’s valued for my brainz, I’m honestly privileged not to have to focus on my looks, which even in 2015 is often an expectation for women in management, client-facing positions, and in the service industry. For many working women, presenting a “polished” appearance is a condition of employment, and just being clean and clean-shaven doesn’t cut it; you have to present with just the appropriate level of femininity, no more and no less, and among other things that means makeup.  But not fun, self-expressive makeup.  Makeup that pretends it’s not there, makeup that tries to naturalize your role as decorative object without calling attention to all the work you put into it…

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  1. Spinster Threat says:

    I’ve been lazy about makeup for years, precisely for the reasons you describe. The most I can bring myself to do anymore, if I even bother, is eyeliner and mascara. I’m over 40 now so all that concealer and foundation tends to make me look even older, in spite of promises to the contrary.

    And, if getting it on is hassle enough, there’s the whole process of taking it off. Washing your face three times and trying not to get it in your eyes.

    When I go without makeup I don’t even need to wash my face with soap. Just splash water and massage, then dry with a towel. My skin seems to remain soft and clean from just this.

    Makeup and beauty products are “such bullshit,” as you say. They do almost NOTHING to help your skin outside of looking slightly “brighter” for a few hours out in public, and probably just harm it in the long run.


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