Reclaim the Night Dundee

Name The Problem

On December 3rd, the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (WRASAC) in Dundee, Scotland will host its annual Reclaim The Night March. Reclaim the Night London recently issued a statement advising march attendees that RTN is pro-Nordic model and anti exploitation of women and girls. In light of this, several people took to the Dundee event’s Facebook page to ask what their stance was.

RTN1This prompted a host of “male allies” to appear on the event page who took it upon themselves to explain to the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre why they were wrong and why it’s very important for men to be able to have sexual access to women’s bodies.

julio tong 1 Julio fully agrees with legalized rape-for-sale. It’s easy to be pro-prostitution when it’s not your orifices being filled by men’s penises.

julio tong 2 I know you’ve answered this question already but I demand you answer it again for my…

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  1. Susan Smyth says:

    Drowning in Dundee marmalade would be a waste of good food on this guy.


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