Syrian Women

Are We Listening?

“When you arrive back home, your husband is sitting outside and smoking. You don’t speak to one another as you enter the apartment. In Syria, you had a loving relationship. But the stress of living in a foreign place, struggling to meet even basic necessities, and being trapped together indoors has weighed on your marriage.

As you start to make dinner, your husband begins arguing that it is time your daughter, who is now 15, leaves school and is married. You reply that you don’t think she is physically or mentally mature enough; that being married this young will be dangerous for her. “But I can’t find a job, we can’t afford to feed all our children, and we could use the dowry to catch up on the rent payments,” your husband insists. “Her husband could better protect her from being attacked on the street.” You both yell back and forth until he storms out of the apartment.”

h/t to Max Dashu